Minimalist Vs Maximal Interior Design

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Minimalist Vs Maximal Interior Design

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Basically designing interior dwellings depends on the wishes of the occupants. Not only in terms of style, continuity or time period is also included according to the preferences of its inhabitants. Personally, I tend to be more comfortable with minimalist interior designs because they seem simple but also modern.

Now, in the second decade of this millennium, various types or styles of interior design vary in variety. However, despite the diversity of existing interior design styles, minimalist and maximalist styles still top the popularity. In the following, I will try to write a comparison of the advantages of Minimalist vs Maximal interior design.

Minimalist vs. Maximal Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design

Can not be denied, minimalist style has spread to the choice of the most popular interior design Interior kantor and accepted by the public. Ranging from subsidized homes to luxury homes, even though they adopt a minimalist style in recent years.

Minimalism was born from the Zen cultural philosophy of Japan which emphasizes the meaning of freedom and the essence of life in a building through an aesthetic level of the room. The essence of a minimalist style is simplicity, which presents a comfortable and quiet interior feel through the effective use of furniture, uniformity of neutral patterns and colors, natural lighting, and aspects of neatness in spatial planning.

The meaning of freedom and the essence of life in an object raises an advantage for minimalist style as a style that demands economic value in a room. Furniture that is not too much in addition to suppressing your expenses also gives the impression of a neat, quiet and spacious in a room.

In its application, minimalist style interior design uses natural or bright colors on the walls and floors of the entire room. There are only a handful of neutral-colored furniture that is important on display, both on the wall or in the corners of the room. The average color of the wall or floor, furniture used is closely related to the impression of nature, which is made from wood with neutral colors.

Even though the room seems neat, uniform and bright, the minimalist design actually shows the shortcomings, especially in the stiff impression of the uniformity so as to corner the creative impression for the occupants. Furthermore, visitors who attend minimalist housing will be presented with neutral nuances and minimal experience.

Maximal Interior Design

As a style called being the opposite of minimalism, the maximalist style or so-called eclectic style is very distanced from the uniformity of the elements that make up the feel of the room. The maximalist style can be said to tend to respect evolution in a space.

The focus is more on freedom from the mind of the owner of the residence to create a subjective impression of comfort. Its depiction that combines a variety of colors, furniture, motifs and decorations in a room makes the nature of the maximumist style very dynamic and flexible.

In its application, the maximalist design aims to accentuate a story in a room. This can be illustrated from the installation of elements of furniture or unique and creative decoration to the entire room. In the maximalist design, there is no word "haram" combining color and furniture even to paint a pattern in the room.

It is precisely this that will later give the appeal of an organized room in a theme. The creativity and uniqueness that is highlighted in the maximal design can be said to be an aspect of excellence that can provide a different experience not only for residents but also for guests who visit.

The variety of furniture and decorative ornaments in a room, making the room tend to be dense even arranged. This is what sometimes makes the impression of tightness and density in a room.

Well, choosing a minimalist or maximumist interior design really depends on each taste. Hopefully this article can help friends to decide what kind of interior design they will use.

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